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The Demise of Doctor Dimm

Posted by Justin Time

About a few days ago, we witnessed an event that went down in history. Our favorite eccentric entertainer, Doctor Dimm, left us in search of the secrets beyond Toontown Online's remains and we aren't really sure if he is even coming back. No one is quite sure why he decided to leave us, not even myself... it just.. happened. We have just learned that a new host called, Ruffle will take his place in all the activities that Toontown has to offer to make it a better place. He will be continuing Doctor Dimm's commendable findings and dig deeper than we ever did.

After Toontown Beta 1.5 launches, and that's very soon, we will be continuing on in search for the missing three scientists, Doctor Surlee, Professor Prepostera, and finally, Doctor Dimm. Get some gags, fires, unites, S.O.S. cards, and your Resistance uniform folks. We are on a desperate search for some long lost friends.

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