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Happy Birthday, Toontown

Posted by The Toontown Relived Team

15 years ago today, Disney's Toontown Online opened it's door for everyone to play and have fun in a game that would soon last for many more years than initially expected. Toontown Online turns 15 years old today and we're out here at the Party Grounds celebrating!

While the festivities are being held, the shopkeepers have been working to decorate Toontown in an amazing fashion with banners and balloons to go around with a Flippy statue in the center of Toontown Central. The fun doesn't stop there! The Party Grounds has been reorganized to sport these eccentric events with fun activities to go around. Bring your cheerful gags around the town, for all these festivities lead to the release of the long awaited Toontown Beta 1.5 and then it's back to our regularly scheduled updates. Give three cheers for Toontown while cracking open those seltzer bottles, eating some Birthday Cake, and going on a cruise in the Toontanic.

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