About | Toontown Relived

What is Toontown Relived?

Toontown Relived is a community revival of Disney's defunct multiplayer online game, Toontown Online.

Do I have to pay a monthly membership to play?

Absolutely not! Toontown Relived is free to play and will always remain that way. We will never ask for any sort of donation. We pay it right out of our pockets.

Why should I play Toontown Relived? What’s so different?

I’m glad you asked! Let’s get straight into the juicy stuff: A few updates ago, we released a huge update called Beta 1.4. Beta 1.4 added so many new things to count such as.. new clothing, toontasks available after Donald’s Dreamland, a new storyline toontask line, colored gloves in the catalogs, multipliers, The Broken Road, Toontown Online, the Advanced Factory, a bunch of remastered tracks, let’s not forget those pesky level 8 cog buildings, new furniture items, a party that lasts all summer long, new hats, new nametags, new cog backpacks, boss battle improvements, and so much more! Let's not forget about the new toontasks rolling in!

Where can I find the rules?

I know, I know. Rules are never fun but you still have to follow them to make sure everyone else has fun! Including you! Take a look at the Rules Page!

Is there anyway I can talk to the Team Members?

You could always email us. But that's boring! Hop on over to our Discord Server and ask away!

I'd like to help you guys out. Where do I apply?

You think you got what it takes? Send an email to [email protected] with the position you would like to apply for!

Technical Support

Whenever I press "Play" on the launcher.. a black box appears then disappears

Right click your launcher and run as an administrator!

Whenever I open my launcher I get a message box saying MSVCP120.dll isn't found.

To fix this issue you need a specific file from Visual C++ Redistributable Packages 2013. Press "Download" and choose from whatever operating system you have.

Community Thanks

We'd like to give a huge thanks to the folks at Toontown Infinite and Toontown Rewritten. Without them, we wouldn't have been here today. You may have heard the "Building Excitement" music from ToonLing's Youtube channel! He has generously allowed us to use his amazing composements. Also, have you heard about a toon named SweetRatt? He sure is sweet I'll tell you. He allowed us to use his modified Lawbot Field Office modules.